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TFA 90 Laminationpress for technical substrates  The TFA 90 is a horizontal automated press system for the processing of technical laminates, such as those based on polymers, which are used in the production of smartcards, electronic cards or credit cards.   The TFA 90 offers the possibility to do this with a rotating tool system to create an extremely efficient working environment for this form  of intermittentpressing processes.   The core of the system is the combination of a heating press in series with a cooling press. The individual stations of the process are processed one after the other in automated operation.   The system has a vacuum system in the heating press so that components such as, for example, NFC (Near Field Communication) contacts can be implemented. Due to the vacuum treatment, air inclusions which could lead to subsequent oxidation or bubble formation within the laminate are avoided. The system offers a laminating surface of 600 x 750 mm in a comprehensive automation solution
The video shows the automated process steps For more details please refer our data sheet which is availabe under the following link :
TFA 90 Datasheet