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Bonding Systems

The   bonding   systems   of   HML   follow   the   trend   of   change   from   pining   system   to   bonded points.   This   leads   to   a   higher   accuracy   because   no   mechanial   tools   and   pins   get   worn out over the process cycles. Another benefit is the high flexibillity for different designs. The    actual    model    SM    650 comes     with     a     free     width adjustment    for    panels    from 220   x   230   up   to   560   x   650 with 6 welding points               ( optional 8 ) . The   process   goes   automatic after   placing   the   stack   on   the shuttle     table.     The     system fixes     the     stack     and     the internal        Mitsubishi        PLC system does the rest. The   operator   interface   is   done   by   a   touchscreen   terminal   which   gives   feedback   by clear text and optical signals to the operator.  The     operator     menues     are availbale   in   englisch,   german or russian language. For more information , please refer our datasheet
Datenblatt SM650 Datenblatt SM650