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Handlingsystems and Handlingworkstations

One   of   the   complex   positions   in   our   Product   Portfolio   ,   we   offer   from   a   simple   Lay   Up Station   or   Trolley   Solutions   up   to   complex   PLC   controlled   handling   lines,   everything thats necessary to move your tools. One   of   the   major   focuses   in   the   last   years,   was   to   create   compact   stations   with   short movement   streaks   ,   so   that   we   can   handle   a   maxium   number   of   tools   on   a   minimum request for space. Also   our   handling   workstations   ,   that   allow   to   lift   and   swap   the   handling   table   by   the operators ergonomic profile is a step into a full new class of handling equipment. More and more, handling solutions become a conected part of design. Embedded   magazin   systems   with   plc   controlled   handling   help   the   operators   to   keep control over prepared tools.