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Our Portfolio

Our   portfolio   offers   a   wide   range   of   lamination presses   for   every   kind   of   use.   The   main   focus was   set   on   reliable   mechanics   made   in   germany and    optimized    haptics    in    the    usage    of    our equipments. The    modular    style    offers    a    huge    choice    of equipments    that    allow    to    create    high    efficent lines on a minimum usage of required space. Our successful laboratory line shows our idea of producing press systems , also for laboratory , technical faculties and prototype manufacterers , to offer a complete package which functionallity is eye on eye with the industrial systems , full equiped with pc controlled processing unit, vacuum control and all other features , you know from the professional production lines.   Another successor in our portfolio is the CNC Scoringline RM 65X which is available in semi and full automatic versions. The success of this lines is caused by it´s known high precision and the easy handling in the daily processes. Finally our Handling line that allowing the easiest possible handling of countless presstools and which have transformed in the past couple of years from a by side equipment into a conected design of our press lines. Together with our design department, we create solutions that fit our customers needs. So HML is the complete package in one solution.